Black History Month Events with Dr. Afua Cooper

February 25, 2021  |   3:00 PM AST (1:00 PM MST)… A Conversation with Afua Cooper at Simon Fraser University’s President’s Dream Colloquium.
Celebrating Black History Month, join us for a poetry reading and conversation with Dr. Afua Cooper as the first instalment in the President’s Dream Colloquium for Spring 2021 – From Conversations to Action: Creating from Social Justice Research.

February 5, 2021  |   4:00 PM AST (1:00 PM MST)…  The event, hosted by University of Calgary, features a presentation by Dr. Afua Cooper and poetry performances by two dynamic Calgary poets: aloT of Poetry and Nyabuoy Gatbel.

February 4, 2021  |   3:00 PM AST (1:00 PM CST)… Join Afua Cooper for a poetry reading and conversation at the English Department at the University of Winnipeg.

February 4, 2021  |   7:00 PM AST (6:00 PM EST)… Afua Cooper lectures on “Colonial Violence, the Settler State, and Marie-Joseph Angelique.”

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