Black History Month Speaks

TACKLING RACISM IN THE WORKPLACE – A Power Presentation by Dr. Afua Cooper

An impassioned and informative presentation that puts
Black Canadians at the centre of the telling of Canadian history.

For organizations committed to improving racial and ethnic justice in the workplace, learn how an understanding and appreciation of Black history can lead to the fulfillment of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) goals in your organization.
For four centuries, Black people have contributed vastly to and shaped Canadian society, culture and heritage from coast to coast to coast. Blacks in their capacities and roles as enslaved people, Maroons, Loyalists, Refugees, sailors, soldiers, scholars, immigrants, nurses, educators, porters, musicians, scientists, and explorers have built this country. Yet these achievements and contributions have been diminished, marginalized, and at times erased.
This dynamic 60-minute presentation (including Q&A) is ideal for:
• Corporate boards of directors
• Senior management team offsite presentations
• All hands team meetings
• DEI training launches
• Professional Associations & Unions
• Universities, school boards, non-profit organizations
Includes action-based activities your employees can use immediately to deepen understanding of Black culture, how to take steps to end racism and create an inclusive, healthy, and profitable workplace.

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