Through her outstanding work and practice as a poet and academic, Afua worked on and curated numerous exhibitions, focusing on African Canadian culture, Black women’s history, gender, slavery, abolition, and freedom…

  • Black Halifax: Stories From Here, (2015)
  • Freedom City: Uncovering Toronto’s Black History, Toronto Public Library (2015)… At the most intimate level, this is a story of individuals and families who found a new home in Toronto. Clues to their personal experiences emerge from the documents, pictures and artifacts they left behind, revealing an essential part of Toronto’s history. Read more at Toronto Public Library.
  • Black Communities in British Columbia: 1858–2008, City of Vancouver Archives (2009)
  • Enslaved Africans in Upper Canada, Archives of Ontario, (2007)… We do not know who these people are. They had their portraits taken sometime during the 1870s or 1880s. The older people might have been slaves; perhaps the younger ones were descendants of slaves. The documents and images in this exhibit come from the collections of the Archives of Ontario and from other heritage organizations as noted. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation are shown as written in the original documents. … See more at Archives of Ontario
  • The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, Ontario Bicentenary Exhibit, Toronto (2007)
  • I’ll Use My Freedom Well: The Josiah Henson Story, Uncle Tom’s Cabin Museum, Dresden, ON (2006)
  • The Underground Railroad, Next Stop: Freedom, Royal Ontario Museum (2002)
  • A Glimpse of Black Life in Victorian Toronto: 1850-1860, Museum Division, City of Toronto (2002)