As the seventh poet laureate, Dr. Afua Cooper serves a two-year term as an ambassador and advocate for literacy, literature and the arts. She will reflect the vitality of the community through appearances and readings of poetry at civic events and activities.

A Fluid Frontier…

A Fluid Frontier…: Slavery, Resistance, and the Underground Railroad in the Detroit River Borderland is a new research on the long, shared struggle for freedom by people of African descent in the Detroit River borderlands from a uniquely bi-national perspective…

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The Young Henry Bibb

Often shocking, always compelling, Afua Cooper’s novel, My Name Is Henry Bibb: A Story of Slavery and Freedom, is based on the life of Henry Bibb, an American slave who after repeated attempts escaped in 1841 to become an anti-slavery speaker, author and founder of a Black newspaper. Cooper takes painstakingly researched details about slavery and weaves an intimate story of Bibb’s young life, which is overshadowed by inconceivable brutality.

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Copper Woman

Afua Cooper draws from her wide knowledge of history – personal and monumental – to evoke the ancestors, vistas of her childhood, memories of family and powerful passion in this new book of poetry, Copper Woman. The colour red appears in many forms – energy, passion, blood, violence, love, fire, lightning storm, rage, and roses.

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The Underground Railroad…

The Underground Railroad: Next Stop, Toronto!, a richly illustrated book, examines the urban connection of the clandestine system of secret routes, safe houses and “conductors.” Not only does it trace the story of the Underground Railroad itself and how people courageously made the trip north to Canada and freedom, but it also explores what happened to them after they arrived.

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