Extending the Diaspora: New Histories of Black People (New Black Studies Series) is a groundbreaking collection addressing both new and familiar topics with fresh perspectives to produce original and thought-provoking scholarship on the diasporic histories of black peoples.

Through a variety of methodologies and theoretical constructs, the contributors plumb a wide range of localities to engage many important subjects, including slavery and emancipation, transnational and diasporic experiences, social and political activism, and political and cultural identity. In doing so, they offer insightful and thought-provoking studies, highlight new areas of inquiry in the African diaspora, and in many cases transcend geographical and national boundaries. The probing and meticulously woven narratives of this collection combine to show the vibrant histories of peoples of African descent.

Book chapter by Afua Cooper: A New Biography of the African Diaspora: The Life and Death of Marie-Joseph Angelique, Black Portuguese Slave Woman in New France, 1725-1734.