Research Topics:

Social justice and inequality   |   African diaspora   |   Body and embodiment   |   Critical race theory   |   Decolonizing studies and methodologies   |   Gender   | Slavery, abolition and freedom   |   Africa   |   Black Canada

Afua Cooper is the Chair of the Scholarly Panel on Lord Dalhousie’s Relationship to Race and Slavery and co-author of the Report. She is also the former James Robinson Johnston Chair in Black Canadian Studies (2011-2017). Her research interests are African Canadian studies, with specific regard to the period of enslavement and emancipation in 18th and 19th century Canada and the Black Atlantic; African-Nova Scotian history; political consciousness; community building and culture; slavery’s aftermath; Black youth studies.

At Dalhousie, Dr. Cooper established the Black and African Diaspora Studies Minor, the first of its kind in Canada. The new program attracted national attention in the form of a long write-up in Maclean’s Magazine. The article not only explains the value and significance of the new program, via an interview with Dr. Cooper, but also recalls the long history of hard work that laid the foundations for it, including the Transition Year Program set up in 1970 by Rocky Jones and James Walker.  

Dr. Cooper founded the Black Canadian Studies Association (BCSA), a network of Black studies scholars, which she currently chairs. Over the years, the BCSA has held three successful biennial conferences and two workshops.

Selected publications